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University of Bonn is a world-class public university located in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia. Her predecessor was founded in 1777 by the Cologne Principality College. The University of Bonn is a public university in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, and a member of the European Union, according to King Fredrich William III of Prussia. buy University of Bonn fake degree, buy University of Bonn fake diploma, buy University of Bonn fake certificate, buy University of Bonn transcript, Its main building is located in the beautiful scenery of the Rhine River in Germany, is a well-known, with the traditional consciousness of the international status of research universities. During the winter semester of 2012/13, about 30,000 students enrolled. Its most famous students have seven Nobel Prize winners, 14 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz Award winners, buy a bachelor degree from University of Bonn, how to get the diploma from University of Bonn, I want to study at University of Bonn, two Fields Award winners, the German emperor emperor William II, Pope Benedict 16, the poet Heine, Le Saint Beethoven, the great revolutionary mentor of Marx, the first German Prime Minister Conrad Adenna, Weimar Republic Prime Minister Heinrich Brunin, known as the " The father of Europe, "the French Prime Minister Robert Schumann, Nietzsche, Joseph Schumpeter, Joseph Goebel and so on. Bonn University is not a campus university, but each building is distributed throughout the city. The University of Bonn is located in the heart of the city center, with some modern buildings such as law schools, seminaries and philosophy schools.

Natural disciplines are mainly concentrated in the Berpoldorf area, the city of Pomordorf and the 19th century modern office building. The Parkport Palace Garden since 1819 as a botanical garden. Computer science is distributed in two positions. buy 

Universität Bonn fake diploma, buy Universität Bonn fake degree, how to study at Universität Bonn, Old supply center and state authority building (former police headquarters, etc.). Psychology is located in the north of the LVR hospital. Pharmacy is located in Fernus Berg. Individual institutions and facilities are distributed in other urban areas such as astronomy, chemistry and some medicine. University of Bonn has eight colleges, namely: Christian theological school, buy Germany fake diploma, buy Germany fake degree, buy Duetschland fake diploma, buy a bachelor degree from German, Catholic theological school, law and economics school, medical school, philosophy school, mathematics natural science college, agriculture college and education institute. In addition, there are more than a dozen research institutions, such as the Institute of Archeology, Language Experimental Center, Astronomical Research Center and so on.

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